50pcs Solid Color Big Rubber Band Ponytail Holder

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10 reviews for 50pcs Solid Color Big Rubber Band Ponytail Holder

  1. Lluciano Marcos

    Country: RU

    Nice hair bands. Can quite hold long tail

  2. Cassey Odle

    Country: RU

    Good rubber bands, soft and elastic. Form from stretching does not change. Thank you to the seller-did not deceive.

  3. Lanie Edwin

    Country: RU

    Good gum. Not for nothing! Super. Delivered somewhere in a month

  4. Emma Carra

    Country: BY

    Very fast delivery. In Gomel from the moment of order and arrival to the post office it was 16 days. Quite elastic. Very well stretched. It’s recommended.

  5. Clarita Pursell

    Country: KZ

    The rubber bands are so soft and pleasant that they do not feel at all on the hair. It’s cool that they do not pull or hurt them

  6. Korey Wu

    Country: RU

    Мягкие эластичные резинки. Только я думала, что они побольше будут в диаметре. На самом деле около 2см. Но я всё рано довольна, количество не проверяла, думаю, что всё в порядке.

  7. Germain Beaumont

    Country: KZ

    The order reached Almaty in 25 days. Packed in a bag.
    The rubber bands themselves are good, soft. My daughter liked it.

  8. Jannette Wilmes

    Country: RU

    Excellent rubber bands! Did not count)) but all as in the photo!

  9. Kemberly Roza

    Country: CL

    son hermosos, los colores son exactos y la elasticidad es la correcta, no dañan el cabello. definitivamente pediré más, recomiendo al vendedor ! muchas gracias ☺️

  10. Demarcus Mcmullen

    Country: PL

    Good pack large quantity elastics 🙂
    Order 23.10
    Delivery 12.11
    Nice colors, good somehow 🙂

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